Sunday, January 19, 2020


Identify how the management works on the contemporary Issues In leadership Developing trust Build up a good trust is very important in Catchy Pacific and its departments. It can make every leader like a model or standard to their employees, so leader must be honesty, ability, good Judgment or willingness to share ideas with every employee; it can keep a good relationship between employers and employees.So, a good leader can show the positive Image and able to Inspire other employees. Catchy Pacific Is able to take responsibility to the social (charitable and donation or sustainable development) and able to build up a good trust to its passenger (provide well services, no delete) and employees (benefits and profits). Empowering employees Employee empowerment Is a strategy and philosophy that employees can make decisions about their Jobs.It helps employees own their work and take responsibility for their results. Top Manager in Catchy Pacific are giving their authority or empowerment t o the front-line managers such as customer service manager and subordinates employees such as flight attendant to make decisions of some unimportant things, such as Andre customers' complain with solve the problem or give some discount to the loyalty customer etc.The benefits of empowering employees can quicker responses to problems and solving the problems; and faster decision as subordinates employees do not need to report to their upper manager, it can be save more time and effectiveness and increased spans of control to address other problems, such as how to enhance the company profits.Cross-cultural leadership Cross-cultural leadership is deferent nationalities leader has different leadership performance to managing their employees. Catchy Pacific Airlines Is an International alertness company. It was 22, 200 different nationalities employees In the world (until August 2014) that would be a multiple cultural background in the company. The top manager level since the chairman of John Solar is an American; the CEO of Ivan Chug is a Chinese.For example, southerner American leading a group of from the northern American would be exercising cross-cultural leadership because of regional differences In However, a Korean leader managing a group of Korean employees in Seoul and a group of Korean employees in Bangkok may not be engaging in cross-cultural leadership because the leader and the led are separated by physical space and not y cognitive space. Gender differences and leadership There are male/female differences in managing positions in leadership.

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